Text.is is your ultimate choice for sharing and previewing markdown content. With an intuitive interface, you can create and share documents in no time, enhancing collaboration and productivity. There is also an example entry.


Personalize your pastebin entry with a custom URL of your choice. Simply navigate to text.is/HERE. If you prefer not to set one, we'll generate a unique URL for you.

Edit code

Secure your ability to modify your entry by setting an edit code. This code acts as a key, granting you the power to edit, delete, or rename your entry. Share it with trusted collaborators to enable group edits. Remember to store your edit code safely; without it, you cannot manage your entry.


To maintain performance and quality of service, each text entry can contain up to 200,000 characters. This generous limit allows for extensive content without compromising on speed.


Your entries are designed to last. We ensure that your content remains accessible so that your audience can view it whenever needed. The specific duration details will be provided within the service's guidelines.


Keep track of how many times your entry has been viewed. This feature helps gauge the reach and impact of your shared content, providing valuable insights into audience engagement.

Forgot my edit code, wat do?

In case you forget your edit code, please reach out to our support team. We understand the importance of your entries and will guide you through the steps to regain control of your content.


Hit Ctrl+Enter to submit an entry.
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